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Telepresence is known as the highest level of videoconferencing, taking it to another level. This technology allows people in different locations to share a conference in which they can enjoy a sophisticated set of stimuli, feeling they are free of borders of the boardroom. Effectively obliterating the distance barrier, it offers a significant cut in cost of travel and time.

Telepresence technology offers high definition cameras featuring eye-tracking and directional microphones, enabling users to share different documents during meetings.

With vast knowhow and experience in conference room set up and preparation, Summit is a leader in system integration, unified communications and collaboration technologies. Also leaders in the field of Telepresence, SUMMIT possesses the unique advantage of integrating it into the majority of existing audio visual systems.


  • Egypt’s New Capital.

  • Egypt’s Ministry of Social Solidarity

  • Egypt’s National Eye Hospital



SUMMIT ‘s skilled experienced team provide Video Collaboration by incorporating all video applications into a single integrated infrastructure. Our portfolio includes In-house, International and Enterprise video conferencing systems that extend versatile communication facilities catering to a variety of areas as management, education, telemedicine...Etc. ​​


  • Providing a comprehensive telepresence experience: an all-in-one inclusive solution for desktop video conferencing and communications with a 3D sensation

  • Providing a centralized management system allowing control of video outlets remotely from one data center. Looking ahead, this technology is a considerable attribute to huge savings on cost and time.

  • Our client certainly benefits from reduced total ownership costs.

  • Provides sure means to secured remote video calls and conferencing

  • We present benefits to a wide range of users using solutions that are interactive with numerous activities. Tailored to their specific businesses, locations and needs, facilitating communication and collaboration in the office, home or school.

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