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General Business



The General business Industry includes the Oil & Gas and manufacturing sectors. It also includes some selected large accounts in the commercial sector. Egypt’s business sector has experienced a boom in recent years. The sector has also witnessed a growth in large infrastructure​ development projects. Investors demand better and more modern services that can only be offered through the latest, state-of-the art adaptive technologies. Summit has worked with the industry for years to provide the latest IT solutions and to streamline services for tenants and owners. We offer a wide range of fully integrated solutions, generating continuous, long-term revenue streams to help clients have full control over their services and solidify their market presence


  • Light Current Solutions

  • Network Solutions

  • Multimedia & Voice

  • Physical Security

  • Data Centers and Cloud Computing

  • Enterprise Computing

  • Information Security​​​​​​


Return on investment:

As the economic climate in Egypt roughens, investment in real estate, while still healthy, still poses a challenge, making IT solutions for the sector one of the more important edges companies can have.

Margin drope:

As land prices rise faster than sale prices, real estate companies look more to retail solutions to flesh out margins. State-of-the art IT solutions become key here in differentiating businesses in the industry.

Case Studies​

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