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Banking Sector



The banking sector is the arm of the economy devoted to holding of financial assets, investments, and their regulation. The market dynamics are changing with the rise of disruptive technologies that are challenging the traditional banking model. As clients become more connected technologically, the banking sector is moving right along with them, forging ahead with a variety of growth channels. With the help of Summit, banks are moving toward solutions like Omni-channels and digitization that not only move clients beyond the brick-and-mortar model, but they allow users switch seamlessly from banking at branches, to the web, then to their phones and back. But with greater access comes greater responsibility, pushing the sector to fortify and optimize its security models so clients feel as safe, if not safer, banking online as they would with a teller. Banks come to us to improve and automate processes, implementing business process management software to put service speeds into high gear.


  • Light Current Solutions

  • Enterprise solutions

  • Network Solutions

  • Multimedia & Voice

  • Physical Security

  • Data Centers and Cloud Computing

  • Enterprise Computing

  • Information Security​​


Seamless Customer experience:
A well educated, tech-savvy client is demanding. Not only do they want top-notch services, but they want them consistently across various platforms. Given aggressive competition, banks need to provide seamless integration from the branch to the web to the phone in the most accessible, user friendly way.

Digital Security:
With the digital revolution came bigger security risks — and clients know it. Important financial information is exposed to a host of digital theft and fraud, meaning banks are constantly challenged to be diligent in guarding against security breaches.

Fast Technology Advancements:
The digital world has and never will be stagnant, while the financial sector is now increasingly interconnected. Together, these factors challenge banks to move quickly on new technology so they’re always one step ahead of the game.

Case Studies​

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