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Business Continuity & High Availability 



Having smooth, uninterrupted operations can sometimes be what makes or breaks a business. At Summit, we design and implement a full suite of solutions that guarantee IT operations have no single point of failure for mission critical applications.

Losing information as a business, especially privileged client information, is simply not an option. STS has an unmatched track record in designing and implementing high availability solutions for 24*7 operations.

Summit provides customers with solutions that store information at different sites designed to synchronize with primary systems to make sure our clients’ critical business functions are resilient. Not only do Summit tailor solutions to mirror information instantly should there be disruptions, but they can take over seamlessly in the case of serious damage.


  • Ministry of Interior



Disaster Management and Recovery
Clustered, Cold or Hot standby Architecture with redundant and non- redundant architectures connected on fiber links or through Internet or Intranet.

Distributed & Replication Systems
Metropolitan, Nationwide and Over-Globe Interconnected Enterprise Systems through satellites, undersea cables or over the internet.

High Availability and Trusted Backup Solutions
High availability and trusted backup solutions to ensure Business Continuity and customer data protection.


  • Ensure business data protection and process continuity

  • Deliver more value to our customers

  • Increase utilization and cost reduction

  • Improves business processes

  • Better Manages ITIL based service lifecycle processes

  • Integrates technologies into shared pools of interoperable resources

  • Drive business growth by accelerating IT innovation and responsiveness

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