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Real estate & Construction 



Egypt’s real estate sector has experienced a boom in recent years. It has proven to be resilient even during tougher economic times as investors see it as a safe haven. The sector has also witnessed a growth in large infrastructure development projects. Investors demand better and more modern services that can only be offered through the latest, state-of-the art adaptive technologies. IT projects in real estate are typically longer in duration and require strong know how in project management as well as the capability to manage financial and human resources efficiently while adhering to a project’s scope, budget, and timeline. Summit has worked with the industry for years to provide the latest IT solutions and to streamline services for tenants and owners. We offer a wide range of fully integrated solutions, generating continuous, long-term revenue streams to help clients have full control over their services and solidify their market presence.


  • Light Current Solutions

  • Network Solutions

  • Multimedia & Voice

  • Physical Security

  • Data Centers and Cloud Computing

  • Enterprise Computing

  • Information Security


Return on investment:

As the economic climate in Egypt roughens, investment in real estate, while still healthy, still poses a challenge, making IT solutions for the sector one of the more important edges companies can have.

Margin drope:

As land prices rise faster than sale prices, real estate companies look more to retail solutions to flesh out margins. State-of-the art IT solutions become key here in differentiating businesses in the industry.

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