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Support Services 


Business Continuity

Business continuity is the processes by which a business ensures it can continue to operate in the face of serious incidents or disasters and can be operational within a short period. Summit designs solutions that make sure our clients’ critical business functions are resilient, that ensure the recovery of critical functions, and that set up viable contingency plans. We build fortified continuity solutions and effective recovery methods to shield against issues should they strike. Our design and implementation of business continuity solutions protect our clients from being materially impacted by disruptions.

  • Recovery: We arrange to recover and restore critical information quickly and seamlessly.

  • Contingency: We put together extensive contingency preparations to make sure businesses are capable and ready to cope effectively with major incidents, including those not foreseen. .

  • Hardware installation and relocation: Our trained and certified team works with our partners to install and relocate all the hardware necessary for business continuity, including but not limited to: site inspection and power testing, installation, cabling, powering up, initial testing, providing on-job customer awareness sessions, and installation documentation.

Virtualization & Cloud Implementation

Summit have solid experience with virtualizing and cloud technologies through biggest virtualization and cloud vendors like VMware, Microsoft and Citrix

  • Data center consolidation through virtualization

  • Physical to virtual migration

  • Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) design and implementation

  • Hardware / virtualization integration to build automated cloud infrastructure

  • Standard and customized Application virtualization

Warranty and maintenance

Vendor warranty coverage is an essential part of Summit’s service scope. We provide hardware fixes under vendor warranties through a specialized service team authorized by each vendor. Summit is authorized to offer standard and customized services to fulfill customer SLA needs through a variety of channels. This includes warranty services and post warranty support and support contracts. Summit support services covers all phases in customer projects and covers site inspection and site preparation, Hardware Installation services, and SW implementation services along with comprehensive project management as well as servers & storage firmware upgrades for HP and Dell Systems.

  • HP Next Business Day (NBD), which includes diagnostics and support, escalation management, part replacement, onsite hardware support, and a defective media retention service.

  • 4-Hour 24x7 Same Day Hardware Support (4H-24*7), which includes remote problem diagnosis and support, four-hour onsite response every day of the week, every day of the year, and escalation management.

  • 6-Hour Call-to-Repair Hardware Support (6 hours- CTR) for HPE systems, which includes remote problem diagnosis and support, onsite hardware support, a six-hour repair-time commitment with round-the-clock coverage, and escalation management

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