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Computing Systems 



Summit understands the importance of building the proper computing system for any organization. Summit study, builds and implements thoroughly the computing infrastructure of any organization based on its exact needs to offer the best IT services ROI for this organization.

This infrastructure should be powerful, flexible and upgradable to meet current and future needs also it should be reliable with highest availability to ensure business continuity. Summit will make every possible effort to achieve this goal.


  • Ministry of Interior

  • Sues Canal Authority

  • Portsaied tunnels

  • Rotana

  • Dusit hotel

  • Rixus hotels group

  • Edita food industries



  • Customized Servers & Storage Solutions with:

    • Low-end Servers and Storage systems

    • Medium Scale Servers and Storage systems

    • High-end Computing Servers and Storage systems With stand-alone, racked & blade servers configurations on different Platforms with optional virtualized and converged infrastructure

  • Virtualization & Cloud Computing:
    Provide client with virtualized & cloud computing environments for better utilization of IT resources and improving total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • Computing Systems Management Solutions:

    • Business Service Management

    • Operations Management

    • End-user Management

    • Performance and Quality Management

    • IT Process Automation


  • Deliver more value to our customers

  • Increase utilization and cost reduction

  • Accelerate time-to-business value for IT organizations and service providers in large and mid-sized enterprises

  • Drive business growth by accelerating IT innovation and responsiveness

  • Modernize data center facilities, infrastructure and applications

  • Improves agility and decision making

  • Creating new services

  • Improves visibility and efficiency of IT budget

  • Prioritizes by eliminating non-strategic, redundant projects to free-up budget and staff

  • Manages virtualized servers, storage, networks, and virtualized services

  • Automates configuration management and deployment

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