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History & Milestones

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  • Orascom Computers Division Establishment.

  • First HP and AT&T Distributor in Egypt.

  • Introduced HP to Egypt.

1990 to 2002

  • OTS (Orascom Technology Systems), Avaya and HP leading Partner.

  • IIS : Communication and Network Systems ( first Cisco Partner in Egypt).

  • Solution Plus : Training and Application Provider.

  • Open Soft : Sybase Sole Distributor in Egypt.

  • Establishment of OTS Algeria Office.

2003 to 2015

  • Orascom - Sumitomo JV.

  • Establishment of Summit Technology Solutions in Dubai Internet City in 2003.

  • Merge of OTS, IIS, Open Soft in Summit Technology Solutions, SAE, Egypt.

  • Establishment of new HQ.

  • Top Mobile Broadcasting Solution partner in Algeria.

  • US Trade Development Agency Grant of 500K$ for feasibility study of a Commercial Data Center.

  • Exit of Sumitomo in 2015.

2016 to 2020

  • Summit Technology Solutions Leading ICT contractor in Egypt

  • Major Growth of Business

  • Establishment of Summit Technology Solutions, Pakistan Branch

  • Exit of Dedicated Training Business

  • Development of STS Flagships products :

  • Pixie IPTV, STS Call Account System, IOT Middle Ware Platform, Voice Portals, IVR & CRM Integration Platform.

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