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Egypt unique archeological and cultural heritage, geographical location and natural resources all position the hospitality and tourism industry as one of the main pillars of the economy and a major driver to its growth. Despite the size and complexity of the industry, today technology connects many of its arms, and with the proliferation of the internet comes vast impact on travel businesses. This has created great opportunities for information technology and telecommunication. Since 1998, Summit has worked with industry players to develop viable technology solutions to generate new opportunities, enhance service portfolios, and use technology to transform the customer experience, all while reducing costs. Summit delivers products and services of professional quality and visual appeal, but with a radical difference in the way we approach the business needs of the hospitality industry. By having a thorough understanding of the industry's inner processes, as well as its immediate and long-term business goals, we provide customized solutions that improve both performance and customer experience.


  • Converged network infrastructure

  • Virtualization and cloud computing

  • Information and networks security

  • Data center infrastructure

  • Physical Security

  • Light Current Solutions

  • Enterprise Computing

  • Multimedia & Voice


Diversifying Revenue:
The key challenge for the hospitality sector during a difficult operating environments is creating alternate revenue streams. Diversifying is the name of the game here as hotels attempt to bring in non-booking revenue from business clients and other customers. That’s where IT investments come in, with high-end video conferencing and communications solutions positioning hotels as destinations for business clientele, not just tourists.

Tech minded:
As clients demand better, more automated services, IT solutions in the field need to keep step. Innovative use of tech in the sector is not only vital in providing the best possible customer experience, but it streamlines costs by cutting out intermediaries.

Green savings:
Cost cutting becomes a challenge in industries with variable revenue streams, bringing green technology into particular focus. Solutions like low-energy communications equipment and energy-conserving smart controls in rooms are just some of the ways IT solutions can trim costs.

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