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Government & Public Sector



Modern governments provide employees with effective technology enabled working environments to ensure proper data management, information dissemination, and better communication among various government entities, thus maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In recent years, the government sector has taken strides to meet the needs of citizens seeking quick and frictionless services online, with the goal of enhancing citizen satisfaction and the quality of service, while maximizing efficiency and streamlining costs. To achieve this, Summit has worked with the sector for over two decades to implement up-to-date IT solutions like cloud computing, virtualization, IOT, public safety, data management, and big data analytics, to name a few.


  • Light Current Solutions

  • Network Solutions

  • Multimedia & Voice

  • Physical Security

  • Data Centers and Cloud Computing

  • Enterprise Computing

  • Information Security



Government organizations have huge vast amounts of data and information that are usually kept in separate systems and formats and are often are redundant. It is becoming crucial that this information gets becomes integrated so as to be able to offer proper services to the citizens with efficient services and ,to also reduce costs. and improve the efficiency of the services rendered

Government services often rely on a large bureaucracy made up of forms that have to be filed, payments taken mostly in cash, and appointments conducted in person. Modernization Considering the size and complexity of the public sector system, overall modernization of IT solutions then becomes the key challenge to this complex system, meaning technology solutions need to be tailored for not only efficiency but also realistic budgets.

The government nerve center is vast in scope and geography, meaning a key challenge is to tailor solutions that improve the inner workings of every branch of the network while also making sure they work in tandem with its centralized management.

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