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Contact Center 



A contact center (also referred to as a customer interaction center or e-contact center) is a central point in an enterprise from which all customer contacts are managed.

The contact center typically includes one or more online call centers but may include other types of customer contact as well, including e-mail newsletters, postal mail catalogs, web site inquiries and chats, and the collection of information from customers during in-store purchasing.

A contact center is generally part of an enterprise's overall customer relationship management (CRM). They are a central point at which all customer contacts are managed, making the technology that is used to manage them is of utmost importance.


  • Help enterprises increase business agility and lower costs.

  • Accelerate business processes through simple, open integration with business applications, desktop environments, emerging social media, and multivendor communications systems.

  • Multimedia capabilities facilitate routing of communications.

  • Better anticipation of customer needs, improving first-contact resolution.

  • Easy-to-use administration tools reducing complexity & implementation overheads.

  • Maximum flexibility to simplify development & integration of new functionality.

  • A low server footprint increasing agility while offering room for growth.

  • Improved security and reliability.


  • National Bank of Egypt (NBE)

  • Orange Egypt

  • Xceed

  • Kriazi

  • Suez Canal Authority

  • Mobilink Pakistan


Summit provides small, medium to large scale Multimedia Contact Centers with customized IVR, CRM, and Complex interconnected Data Bases.

Summit is actually providing a new generation of contact center solutions with multi-channel capabilities, inbound and outbound, SMS, EMAIL and social networking, moving to an end-to-end management, with IVR with fully DB/CRM integration.

Summit consult, design, implement and maintain turnkey CC solutions.

  • Contact Center solutions is a context-sensitive, collaborative, voice and multichannel customer experience management solution that allows businesses to manage all types of customer interactions through a unified application. Contact Center intelligently routes multichannel contacts to the most appropriate resource through a unified agent interface.

  • Self-Services solutions automate services for customers across Multimedia channels and devices giving them access to required service over any media they wish that helps in increase CC efficiency.

  • Performance Management solutions identify areas of excellence and improvements through recording, Quality evaluation, WFM, Customer Feedback, Real time & Historical reports.

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