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Professional Services 


Site Middleware Integrations

S-Middleware solution is a core in the integration between different solutions that STS provides and the back end systems that exist at the customer sites. Integration done through different interfaces like web services, XML, SMPP, direct connectivity to databases ...etc. STS has done many middleware integrations in Banks where integrations has been done with different back end systems like i-Flex, Essentis, SMSC, Microsoft exchange, Mainframe, Microsoft BizTalk, etc. As well, in Telco’s where integrations has been done with ZTE billing system, Comverse IN, SMSC…etc. Also in real state, our middleware integrates between Cisco Surveillance, Access Control and the Building management system using OPC protocol.

  • Banking Systems Integrations

  • Telecom Systems Integrations

  • Surveillance and Access Control Integrations

Data Management

STS has an experienced certified database team working cross-industry, cross-platform and technology independent. These unique capabilities enable the team to implement database technology for different purposes such as, production systems, disaster recovery solutions, data replication , high availability , clustering data consolidation, transformation, cleansing and migration. One other important role is helping customers overcome the technical problems they face and provide them with troubleshooting services, consultation services, administration, performance and tuning and regular preventive maintenance services.

  • Database Administration

  • Database Backup/recovery,

  • Data Replication and Consolidation

  • Performance Tuning

  • Data Cleansing

  • Database Migration

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

STS offer customers consultation to get insights from their data through many different approaches. STS team works on different analytical and data discovery tools and dashboards to extend the capability of reporting by enabling businesses to make predictive and statistical analysis on their large amount of live and historical data for more accurate decision-making.

  • Building Dashboards and BI reports

  • Data Warehousing solution

  • Data discovery and visualization

Contact Centers Implementation

STS builds IVR solutions that range from static IVRs to full dynamic IVR empowering customers to change their call-flow dynamically. STS integrates the contact center IVR with any third-party applications like banking applications or Telco applications or others to allow user retrieve/update information in their back-end systems. In addition, to get the maximum out of customers contact centers Summit has developed different applications that run on top of the CC. For example Call Account application for purposes of cost allocations within an enterprise; Customer Survey application which allows an enterprise to access the service provided by their CC. Additionally, Summit helps customers in integrating their CC with social media monitoring to let customers stay on top of everything everybody is saying.

  • IVR Self-service Solutions

  • Call Account Application

  • Dashboards

  • Customer Survey Application

  • Social Media Services

  • Outbound Dialer

  • Integration with Back-End systems

Cabling Infrastructure Design & Management

Summit has a specialized business unit for provision of enterprise structured cabling solutions. Summit provides passive data cable infrastructures design and site installation services

  • Implement Passive Infrastructure Solutions including labeling & testing

  • Testing and Repair services for Copper & Fiber solutions

  • Civil Work and Earthing Solutions

  • Galvanized Hot Dipped Steel Masts / Mini Towers / Towers for CCTV Solutions.

  • All related needed solar power solutions

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