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The telecom sector is the epicenter for growth and innovation for many industries. As mobile devices, whether smart phones or tablets, become more pervasive and mobile broadband more attainable, the sector continues to drive momentum for growth trends like video streaming, the internet of things and mobile payments Technology is the backbone of the telecom industry worldwide. Summit has been working actively with telecom and service providers in Egypt as well as in the MENA region. As an end-to-end ICT system integrator, we offer a vast range of solutions in the telecom core operation including areas like customer care, contact center, operational support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) as well as in supporting telecom providers in the provisioning of services to their large subscribers base through value-added services, cloud computing, and their business-to-business services (B2B).


  • Light Current Solutions

  • Network Solutions

  • Multimedia & Voice

  • Physical Security

  • Data Centers and Cloud Computing

  • Enterprise Computing

  • Information Security



While developed countries experience a cap on growth figures as subscriber growth levels out, emerging markets suffer from decreasing growth rates and lower voice ARPUs. Tougher competition is also proving to be a wrench in the works, limiting expansion capabilities.

While tech improves by leaps and bounds and the volume of mobile data and applications explode, revenues aren’t quite keeping pace. This results in an ongoing search for new revenue streams in value-added and enterprise B2B services.

While tech pulls us forward, it can also make the playing field more complicated. As technology improves, it forces telecom players to constantly evolve to effectively handle things like 4G and 5G network upgrades, the viability and business model clarity of cloud computing, and the impact of all-IP networks.

Telecom players often have to juggle between offering commodity or value-add-service strategies as the proliferation of smart devices and the availability of high-speed data access reshapes consumption patterns. Operators looking to monetize on this shift will need to support a broader application and service portfolio with better subscriber segmentation capabilities.

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