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STS Academy 


STS Academy 

The Egyptian market suffers from a large gap between the knowledge and skills of young graduates and the job market requirements. In an effort to bridge this gap and to be able to have more competent resources to hire, Summit launched the STS Academy program. The innovative program has been designed especially to give recent graduates a competitive edge in the marketplace and will ultimately create a ready pool of highly qualified, professional candidates to elevate the level of creativity and productivity in the industry for both Summit the entire field. This 16-week STS Academy program is a blended training program offered to a group of young gradua​tes several times per year. The graduates follow formal training in different disciplines at the company followed by on the job training where they shadow senior employees working on different projects, often interfacing with customers. At the end of the program, the best of these graduates are employed at Summit, subject to the vacancies at the company at the time. The ones that are not hired graduate with hands-on knowledge and experience that are both fundamental and proven to be effective in helping them finding jobs.


Program Structure:

The program is designed to give select trainees

  • Hands-on training in the following fields for four weeks on each of the following disciplines:

    • Data networks

    • Voice networks

    • Cloud computing

    • or other three disciplines of STS Academy Choice

  • On the job training Assign the trainees to STS business unit where he/she performed best for a period for four weeks

​​​Trainees Profile:

We recommend that the trainee should have the following prequalification before been selected for the program:

  • Engineering University Degree.

  • CCNA certificate.

  • MCP certifi​cate.

  • Pass HR English Assessment.

  • Pass HR Personality Assessment.​​

Program Management:
  • Each group of trainees will attend training for four weeks in one selected business unit.

  • Every group will move to the next business unit after four weeks

  • At the end of 12 weeks Summit will assess the trainees’ performance technically and personally

  • For the next four weeks the trainees will be assigned to the business unit at which they best performed

  • At the end of the assignment, Summit will choose the best performers to work for it, if vacant positions be available

  • Graduates who are not hired are offered a working certificate for the period they spent at Summit along with all the courses they attended

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