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Converged Infrastructure 



Converged infrastructure (CI) is a means of managing data centers for limiting compatibility issues between servers, storage systems, and network devices while also reducing cabling, cooling, power, and floor space.

This is achieved by grouping multiple information technology (IT) components into a single, optimized computing package in Data Center design.

A converged network can be built with reference architecture, standalone appliances, or a software-driven hyper-converged approach.

IT vendors and IT industry analysts use various terms to describe the concept of a converged infrastructure. These in​clude "converged system", "unified computing", "fabric-based computing", and "dynamic infrastructure".​​​​


At Summit, we provide holistic solutions in converged infra​structure that encompass communication, computing, and storage requirements to make it simple for companies to automate in a cost effective way.​​


  • Egypt’s Ministry of Social Solidarity

  • Orange Egypt

  • Egypt’s Court of Cassation

  • Egypt’s Family Court

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