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Consulting Services 


Systems Integration

SUMMIT is a “Global” ICT domain Systems Integration Company. SUMMIT has several specialized business units regularly providing state of the art Business & Technology Solutions according to their business coverage to fulfil most of SUMMIT customers’ outstanding needs. SUMMIT offers unique Systems Integration Consulting Services for complex systems employing a team of highly experienced professionals with a large network of consultants and partners mastering design of integrated solutions to meet with the most complex and challenging ICT projects. System integration is the soul of Summit success in IT market through our technology experts; this integration is essential in all service delivery journey with our customer:

  • Starting from design new solution keeping an eye on all customer environment and existing solutions and integrating proposed solution with it.

  • Offering integrated solution that must be solidified via solution architects with subject matter expert committee.

  • Considering systems integration with operation and upgrades.

Application & Information Integration

SUMMIT Consulting Services team undertakes enterprise (Application & Information) integrated systems architecture design, selection of platforms & communication techniques, configuration and sizing also monitoring implementation technical progress to ensure the efficiency, reliability and quality of SUMMIT offered solutions and protect customer investment.

Network Design and Optimization

SUMMIT Consulting Services offers non-traditional approach in network design offering an optimized networking (LAN/WAN) architecture using best of the breads wired and wireless industry standard products from best international brands (Cisco, HP, Huawei, Aruba, Redline and Ericsson) Summit provides Network Design and Optimization (NDO) services, which is a key ingredient in ensuring Client’s networks are able to handle the high level of data traffic while maintaining service quality and user experience.

Cabling Infrastructure

Cables raceways design and installations to ensure stable power and data connectivity.

Cloud computing

SUMMIT Consulting Services advise best safe & reliable cloud computing solution based on the study of the customer requirements and environment.

Information & Network Security

Protecting SUMMIT customer Information & Networks is a major service offered by SUMMIT Services Services including:

  • Security quick assessment services: Defining possible weak and critical points in customers’ computing systems architecture and advising best protection.

  • Systems Health checks

  • Network Vulnerability Scanning

  • Penetration Testing and Forensics services: Performing Comprehensive testing to reveal all existing vulnerabilities in customers used systems and applications.

Physical Security

Protecting Summit customer physical security is one most increasing demand services offered by Summit Consulting. Summit Consulting advises best solutions for enterprise critical sites physical security by accurate sites surveys and advanced risk assessments. ​​

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